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Panorama photograph of Brisbane city, including buildings and the river

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Welcome to Brisbane! Queensland's capital city Brisbane is known as Australia's New World City. Innovative, modern and welcoming, Brisbane has been rated in the top 30 per cent of the world's fastest-growing cities and in the top 10 cities in the world for lifestyle and talent.

Explore our world heritage rainforests and find breathtaking views, chase hidden waterfalls or discover pristine islands, take on adrenaline inducing experiences in the heart of the city or immerse yourself in Brisbane’s thriving arts and culture scene. While you’re here, don’t miss Brisbane’s epic line-up of major sporting and cultural events. 

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International flights from Brisbane

The city of Brisbane delivers a first-class travel and transport network making it an easy and cost effective choice for conference delegates.

Easily accessible, Brisbane is serviced by one of Australia's fastest growing airports with a network of direct flights from 31 international and 50 domestic destinations. As the closest eastern seaboard capital city to Asia, Brisbane offers frequent flights to various Asia Pacific destinations and is a transfer hub from major European destinations. Direct flights arrive several times a day from Asia, the United States, New Zealand, the Pacific and the Middle East.

Stylized map of Australia, showing flights to Brisbane

Brisbane International Airport boasts an extensive network of direct flights to international destinations including but not limited to: 

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong                                                                                                  
  • Bangkok 
  • Shanghai 
  • Auckland 
  • Dubai 
  • Los Angeles
  • Vancouver

This allows easy access for international delegates to travel home. 

Brisbane city remains compact and well connected, allowing delegates to easily travel between venues, hotels, parklands, cultural attractions, entertainment precincts and dining locations.

The University of Queensland

Located just seven kilometers from Brisbane's city centre (accessible by car or public transport), UQ St Lucia is renowned as one of Australia's most attractive university campuses.

UQ St Lucia Campus

Getting to UQ's St Lucia Campus