Call for papers

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The theme of IGALA12 2023 is Gender, Language, and Sustainable Organizations.

With this theme, we aim to highlight both

  • the many ways in which organizations provide an important context for language, gender and sexuality scholarship, and
  • the potential that language, gender and sexuality scholarship has to shape holistically sustainable organizations.

Our goal is to showcase language, gender and sexuality scholarship from diverse cultural, linguistic and geographical contexts, focusing on work that engages with ecological, social, economic, and/or cultural sustainability, particularly within organizational contexts. We also encourage discussions of methodological and epistemological interest to the field of language, gender and sexuality scholarship.

We invite abstracts for the following types of presentations:

  1. Discussion Panels – panels may include 3 or 6 papers (20 minutes + 10 minutes discussion per paper)
  2. Individual Paper presentations – On-site or Pre-recorded (20 minutes + 10 minutes discussion)
NOTE: We also invite submissions for the "Best Article" and "Best Graduate Student Paper" awards (see below).

Authors may present a maximum of two presentations, only one of which may be sole-/first-authored. This limit applies to both panel papers and individual papers.

All presentations need to delivered be in English.

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed.

1. Discussion Panels

Panel organizers need to submit their proposal (max. 600 words, not including references) directly to the IGALA12 organizers via

Proposals should include:

  • a title for and description of the panel
  • name and contact email for the panel chair
  • names and affiliations for all anticipated participants

Panel organizers will automatically be signed up for reviewing abstracts.

Panel contributors need to submit their abstracts via the submission system at the same time as abstracts for Individual Papers. When doing so, they should indicate that their contribution is intended for a panel, using the title of the panel.

Important dates:

  • Extended deadline for Panel proposals – 3 January 2023
  • Full panel program due – 10 January 2023 (including all presenters’ names, paper titles, and presentation order)
  • Panel contributors’ abstracts due – 10 January 2023
  • Notification of acceptance – February 2023

2. Individual Paper presentations

Abstracts for individual papers should be submitted via email: using the subject line "IGALA2023 Individual Paper Submission."


  • Abstracts should be submitted as fully anonymised PDF documents.
  • All submissions should include: (1) the paper title, (2) a description of the paper (max. 400 words, not including references), (3) your preference for delivery mode (i.e., on-site live / off-site pre-recorded).
  • Papers submitted as part of a panel should include the panel title.
  • All papers should present original, unpublished research related to the study of language, gender, and/or sexuality. We particularly encourage submissions related to the conference theme. We also welcome diversity in theoretical and methodological approaches, and in the linguistic and cultural contexts considered.
  • Abstracts previously submitted via EasyChair do NOT need to be resubmitted.

Important dates:

  • Extended deadline for Abstracts – 23 January 2023
  • Notification of acceptance – February 2023

Following the conference, a selection of presenters will be invited to prepare full papers for consideration for a book proposal to the Palgrave "Studies in Language, Gender & Sexuality" series.


3. Best Article Prize

On behalf of the IGALA Executive Board, we are happy to announce the IGALA12 Best Article Prize contest, addressing the IGALA12 conference theme. 

If you have published a journal article in any language since January 2020 that fits the conference theme and would like it to be considered in the contest, please

  • send your publication to Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (
  • use the wording IGALA12 Best Article Prize as the subject line in your email. 
  • include both the article and a cover note (in English), outlining how the article speaks to the conference theme. 

Important information:

  • The deadline for Best Article Prize submissions is 28 February 2023. 
  • Persons submitting articles must be members of IGALA.
  • Only already published articles will be considered.
  • Articles will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 
    • Internal coherence and structure
    • Contribution to the field of language, gender and sexuality
    • Extent of literature review/coverage of field
    • Style and organization
    • Addressing the theme of Gender, Language, and Sustainable Organizations
    • Originality

THE PRIZE is a 2-year free subscription of the journal Gender and Language and the winning author will be announced at the IGALA12 Conference in Brisbane. 


4. Best Graduate Student Paper Award

On behalf of the IGALA Executive Board, we are happy to announce the IGALA12 Best Graduate Student Prize.

Graduate students are encouraged to submit papers that work within broad thematic area of "Gender, Language, and Sustainable Organizations."


  • send your paper to
  • include your name, department and university, and email address in the body of the email
  • indicate your status as a graduate student member of IGALA. 

Important information:

  • The deadline for Best Graduate Student Paper submissions is 1 March 2023. 
  • Submissions should be original work that has not been published, or accepted for publication elsewhere. Co-authored submissions are eligible as long as all authors are graduate students. Submissions co-authored by supervisors/advisors are not allowed. 
  • Submission guidelines:
    • English only
    • 5,000-7,000 words in length
    • PDF format
    • 12 pt. font
    • Single spaced
  • Papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    • Academic importance and originality of research topic to the field of language, gender and sexuality
    • Coherence
    • Literature Review
    • Textual quality

THE PRIZE is a 2-year free subscription to IGALA, which includes a subscription to the journal Gender and Language. The winner will also have a chance to work with the editors of the journal to develop the paper into a published article. 

Awards will be presented at the IGALA 12 Conference, 4 – 6 July 2023.

For other questions concerning the award, please contact Koki Kapa (IGALA graduate student representative):


We look forward to everyone's submissions!